Will Glozer

Software / Systems

I am a professional programmer specializing in building systems software in Rust. I also have extensive experience developing production software in other languages including Go, Scala, Erlang, Java, and Ruby and have built hobby projects using languages such as Python, Haskell, Common Lisp, C++, and assembly languages.

I maintain an additional interest in building applications and frontend systems in JavaScript and TypeScript and have developed production iOS apps in Swift and Objective-C.


signet - an ergonomic, cross platform, code signing tool written in Rust and designed for signing git commits and build artifacts.
ksynth - a lightweight, high-performance, network performance and availability monitoring agent written in Rust and built forĀ Kentik. ksynth includes scalable implementations of classic ICMP ping; traceroute using ICMP, TCP, or UDP packets; and a TCP equivalent of ping that performs a partial handshake. ksynth also does application monitoring via HTTP/1.1 & HTTP/2 requests and DNS query result & TLS handshake monitoring.
convis - a lightweight agent that gives detailed visibility into network traffic originating from a host system, including the process and container that generated the traffic. convis is written in Rust and uses BPF.
wrk - an exceptionally high performance HTTP benchmarking tool written in C and capable of generating millions of requests per second. wrk also supports custom scripting with Lua.

Rust Crates

nell - a Rust interface to the Linux netlink subsystem including both low level messaging and a higher level API for accessing link, address, and routing information, socket diag info, etc.
v8vm - a high-level interface for embedding the v8 JavaScript VM in Rust programs. v8vm executes a JavaScript module in a separate thread and provides an asynchronous interface for invoking functions exported by the module, as well as an extension interface allowing JavaScript code to invoke synchronous and asynchronous Rust code.
capo - a Rust interface to Linux capabilities(7) featuring a simple and ergonomic API.